Elite Light 40

Elite Light 40


A lawn dreams are made of! Elite Light 40 offers a luscious bright lime and field mix, creating an unmissable well-kept looking lawn all year round.


It has a soft feel to it making it popular amongst all and lovely under foot.


Product Specification:


Available Widths: 2m / 4m

Available Backing: Latex

Yarn Type - Diamond Shaped PE & Curly PP

Gauge - 3/8”

Stitches/10cm - 24

Density - 25200 points /m²

Dtex - 6700

Pile Weight - 1530g / m²

Total Weight - 2850g / m²

Pile Height - 40mm

Backing - UV resistant cloth & non-woven fabric


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PU 30


Our PU 30 is a specialist grass well suited to any garden. If you have pets that regularly use the garden, the polyurethane backing will help the speed of drainage and reduce the chances of pet odour.


PU 30 has a 'c' shaped yarn making it highly resilient to traffic. This along with the high stitch rate makes it our most durable grass. Its durability isn't its only benefit; it also looks great with its olive shade two tone colouring.


A fantastic all-rounder for those who demand the best.