Ultimate 50 - Full Roll (4x25m)

Ultimate 50 - Full Roll (4x25m)

Make HUGE savings and purchase a full roll!

Born out of the desire to manufacture the greatest artificial grass on the market, Ultimate is a grass for those that demand the best. Extremely thick, super realistic and a pleasure to walk on. Soft, dense and a pleasure to feel.


Its natural two tone field mix give the effect of a well-kept British summer lawn.


Ditch the garden furniture, this grass is perfect to lie on during a hot summer’s day!


Product Specification:


Available Widths: 2m / 4m

Available Backing: Latex

Yarn Type - Diamond Shaped PE & Curly PP

Gauge - 5/16”

Stitches/10cm - 23

Density - 27300 points /m²

Dtex - 7700

Pile Weight - 2562g / m²

Total Weight - 3422g / m²

Pile Height - 50mm

Backing - UV resistant cloth & non-woven fabric


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